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With the ever increasing popularity of daily fantasy sports, full season statistical projections and weekly schedule analysis are no longer enough. Players need tools to help evaluate and forecast what will happen in today's games. was launched in 2009 to provide analytical tools for daily MLB Contests. Five years later, DailyHoopsData was launched to provide similar statistical tools targeted toward daily NBA contests.

Much of the information found on in this site is already publicly available. But it's often not packaged in a manner that's convenient to use and analyze, requiring multiple, repetitive link clicks to access the information that's most useful. As is also often the case with the affiliated site, attempts to organize and package data in a way that enhances the information content and facilitates accessibility with a minimum of clicks

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Dave Hall has independently and continuously produced the RotoGuru network of sites since late 1997, starting the venture shortly after he retired from a 21+ year career as a life actuary and investment portfolio manager. His most notable fantasy sports successes have come in salary cap games, including first place finishes in games sponsored by The Sporting News (and their predecessor, Small World Sports), Progressive Sports Challenge, Major League Market, and others. He also scored a "Top-10 trifecta" by finishing in the top 10 in the first season (2007-2008) of each of RotoHog's three primary sports: Baseball, Football, and Basketball.

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If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to contact Dave at

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